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Kids, how many of you would love to sit in an airplane that flies high in the sky and see your kindergarten school from up above? All of you? Well today is your lucky day because our dear friend the airplane from the land of nursery rhymes has flown in to take you toddlers on a ride! Wheee!!! Imagine singing your children songs and rhymes with the white fluffy clouds right next to you. But for this occasion we need a special plane rhyme or a plane song, to celebrate our new adventure. Don’t worry, we can take the help of our beloved Wheels on the Bus rhyme and make our own. How do the wheels of the plane go? Round and round! How do the wipers of the plane go? Swish Swish Swish! Surely the rest of the rhyme will be easy to complete!

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™

Source: Youtube