Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round | Nursery Rhyme And Kids Songs For Children | Kids TV

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We’re a nursery rhyme away from the land of songs. Once the Wheels on the Bus start going round and round, we’ll reach in no time. The orange bus has come to take us there. Hop on kids! But, we need to pass through the garden of rhymes. Which requires us all to sing and dance a classic rhyme to the educational tree. Of course it can’t be any kids song! It has to be a popular kiddie song. One that every toddler enjoys. Can you children think of any such baby songs? We can’t. “The Wheels on the Bus Song” Now that was the loudest chorus we’ve ever heard for a preschool song! And why didn’t we figure that song out earlier! You babies keep surprising us in new ways, always! Look! We’ve reached the gates of the garden of rhymes. Can you little ones please do the needful?

Source: Youtube