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Do you’ll know how important it is for the Wheels on the Bus Go Round And Round All Through The Town? The town of nursery rhymes and children’s songs would not be the same without the wheels on bus! If your friends from the rhymes would not travel, how would you’ll learn? When baby songs would fail to make it to playtime, how would children sing and dance? Imagine not being able to listen to your favorite rhymes when you’ll are excited to jump! How would we ever have a popular songs compilations without rhymes meeting each other! The Wheels on the Bus keeps the town of rhymes connected and happy! And we have to show the bus how much we love it for doing its job! Let us all get aboard the bus and sing the Wheels on the Bus Song for as long as we can!

00:01 – Wheels On The Bus
01:28 – Five Little Ducks
03:30 – Finger Family
04:45 – Ten In The Bed
07:04 – Three Little Kittens
09:04 – Wheels On The Plane
10:34 – Five Little Babies
12:42 – Farmer In The Dell
14:48 – Twinkle Twinkle
16:38 – This Little Piggy
18:23 – Hokey Pokey
19:38 – One Twp Buckle
20:52 – Five Little Pandas
23:01 – Finger Family
24:05 – Head Shoulders Knees
25:34 – Ding Dong Bell
26:57 – Wheels On The Police Car
28:27 – Chubby Cheeks
29:14 – Finger Family Rhyme
31:05 – Emotion Song

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™

Source: Youtube