Old King Cole | Nursery Rhyme And Kids Song For Children | Kids TV

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“Old King Cole was a merry old soul. And a merry old soul was he…” This classic nursery rhyme makes you want to tap your feet to it. Its composed in a fast tempo with the lyrics matching the music fluently. Imagine how much the kids adore it with all the energy they have to spend. Kids enjoy the nursery song in merry times with parents and during playschool activity. When family has a get together and they all want to see the babies shake a leg, this song is shouted out by all the toddlers as their favorite rhyme to be played. On the educational front, children learn about a king and his lifestyle. How a king likes to be entertained; a pipe, a bowl and tunes played by his three chosen fiddlers. Not any ordinary fiddlers, the best ones out there, with the finest violins at their disposal. Playing music worthy of pleasing the royal highness, in the castle. Time to sing along and have lots of fun with this song for children!

Source: Youtube