My Little Pony Electronic Cash Register Toy with Scanner Lights ‘n Sounds Play-Doh Surprise Eggs

My Little Pony Electronic Cash Register toy with Scanner and Scales. Also watch from youtube toy channel Disneycollector the official Disney Frozen Cash Register toy from Princess Anna y Elsa.

My Little Pony Cash Register with lights and sounds has conveyor belt, working scale, working scanner that lights up.display and calculator, pink credit card slot with sound effects, accessories, battery-operated. It includes 4 boxes of grocery items. The pretend money comes in Euro, includes paper bills and coins.

My little pony is a line of plastic ponies developed by hasbro toys which is marketed to young girls and teens. Its also called: “Mein kleines Pony” “Ma petite pouliche” “Mon petit poney” “Mio mini Pony” “Meu Pequeno Pónei” “Meu Querido Pônei” “Mój Mały Kucyk” “Micul Meu Ponei” マイリトルポニー.

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Here’s how this set is called in other languages: Caja Registradora, Caisse Enregistreuse Électronique, Minnie Elektronische Kasse, Elektronische Registrierkasse, Registratore di cassa, Kassa, caixa registadora, caixa registradora eletrônica, ηλεκτρονική ταμειακή μηχανή, электронный кассовый аппарат, 전자 금전 등록기, 電子式金銭登録機, máy tính tiền điện tử, daftar tunai elektronik, Caisse, Kasse, elektronik yazarkasa, kassaregister.

Music from Kevin MacLeod.

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Product by DisneyCollectorBR
Source: Youtube