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The monkey finger family is here! Are you babies ready to play and jump along? Kids! The Farmees Monkey Finger Family is going to sing and play to their Finger Family nursery rhyme and want you’ll to imitate them. You’ll could do that for fun. But we want you babies to show the Monkeys how creative you’ll can be with your rhymes! It shouldn’t be just jumping and dancing always! We say, why not make different smileys on all five of your fingers. For all five monkeys. Give your first finger a mustache! That’s daddy finger, the head of the family. Put nice big eye-lashes on your second finger. For mommy finger, the heart of the family. Add a bicep or two on your third finger. To treat it as brother finger. Nice long and silky hair on your fourth finger. Bringing alive sister finger. Make your own face on the thumb. The baby finger! Now that we know our finger play. Shall we show the Monkey Finger Family how good we at imitating them, in our way?

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