Lets Build | Original Song For Kids | Nursery Rhymes For Childrens And Baby

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Kids, were feeling over the top creative today. Are you? Great! Let’s Build something creative and wonderful today. And to keep you kiddies going, we have a peppy, inspiring song for you. So what are you waiting for. Let’s get started. And you know what you can do with the things you build? You’ll can give it to your friends as wonderful personalized gifts. Isn’t that sweet? Yay!

00:01 – Let’s Build
02:07 – Can You See Song
05:31 – Hide & Seek
07:13 – Animals Learn To Count
10:34 – Ten In The Bed
12:43 – This Old Man
14:30 – Five Little Monkeys
16:03 – Hey Diddle Diddle
17:11 – Five Little Fruits
19:12 – Wheels On The Bus
20:57 – Chubby Cheeks
21:44 – Ice Candy Finger Family
23:33 – Five Little Ducks

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™

Source: Youtube