I’m A Little Teapot Nursery Rhymes Songs For Childrens Video For Kids And Babies

Our channel is back with more preschool activities set to the tunes of your favorite nursery rhymes, children songs, baby rhymes and kids songs; hand-picked to teach you lovely preschoolers your alphabets, shapes, numbers and other kindergarten lessons.

If there’s one thing our Farmees love to do, it dance to the nursery rhymes. And their favorite is the I’m a little teapot song. Why you ask? Because there are so many things you can do. Put one hand on your hip and raise one arm out. You’re a teapot right there! Bend a little and you can pour out some tea! Well, there’s a lot more that our Farmees can do with this song, but we’d love to see what you little ones can do. So hit play and let us know all the amazing moves you come up with! More power to preschoolers!

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