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Hey Kids! What is the first thing that you say when you meet your kindergarten friends? You say ‘Hello’ before singing your nursery rhymes right? Well we hope you do because it is nice to be polite to your friends and to other people around you. Sometimes, when relatives or neighbors meet you toddlers after a long time, they greet you with a ‘Hi’ and then ask you how you are doing. These are nothing but polite ways to greet someone you meet. Sometimes, you may even sit down and spend some time with them, and then leave by saying ‘Goodbye!’ It is good to be polite as it means sharing happiness with other people! To help you kids learn how to say ‘Hello’, we have an original children rhyme with a fun kids video, that will encourage you to say ‘Hello’ to whoever you meet. Don’t forget to end it with a big smile!

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™

Source: Youtube