Five Naughty Ghosts | Scary Nursery Rhymes For Kids | Kids TV 3D Rhymes
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All scary nursery rhyme in this compilation have taken on a challenge. Which one of them will scare you babies the most this Halloween! The Five Naughty Ghosts think they can do it by jumping in the bed. The Scary Pumpkin wants to use its creepy face to try and win the challenge. The Halloween Monsters plan to show up at your door step and ring the bell. To make you kids scream! The Naughty Ghost In My Home will probably do some mischief to make you children turn white in fear! The Five little Monsters are turning to the old way of chasing you’ll to take the lead in the competition. The Black Cat Finger Family and the Ghost Finger Family are in a discussion of what can they do! You little ones better play the compilation soon! So you’ll will know how to deal with the scary rhymes!

Source: Youtube