Five Little Monsters | Halloween Nursery Rhymes And Kids Songs | Kids TV
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The Five Little Monsters want to make it a Halloween to remember with you babies. So they’re jumping in the bed for not just having some fun but for completing their scary nursery rhyme collection, too. Before the first little monster fell off, it had the Halloween Song and the Halloween Monsters Song in its hands. The second one got hold of the Ghost Finger Family and the Five Little Monsters. Three Mad Scientists and Five Little Skeletons were made part of the compilation just before the third little monster fell down and bumped its head. The fourth little monster is boasting of the Five Naughty Ghosts and the Scary Pumpkin Song. Poor fifth little monster grabbed the Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Five Little Babies rhymes. Before it’s laughed at by others, let’s change the topic and have some Halloween fun playing this scary rhyme collection.

Source: Youtube