Cake Finger Family | Birthday Song For Kids | Nursery Rhymes For Childrens And Baby
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Yum yum yum! It’s your birthday, and did you babies think we’d come empty handed to your party? Of course not. We’ve got for you and your friends the a compilation of the most popular nursery rhyme ever and on the top of the list is the Cake Finger Family Song! Yay!! Best gift ever you say? We’re delighted. But you know what would make us happier? If you and your toddler friends would gather around and sing the finger rhyme and do the finger play dance. We on’t keep you waiting now to cut that yummy cake!

00:01 – Cake Finger Family
01:03 – Candy Finger Family
02:50 – Five Little Fruits
04:49 – Ice cream Finger Family
06:38 – This Little Piggy
08:23 – Five Little Donuts
10:33 – Jelly Bear Finger Family
11:37 – He Is A Jolly Good Fellow
12:41 – Hey Diddle Diddle
13:48 – Lollipop Finger Family
15:36 – Fruits Song
17:43 – Potato Song

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Video: Copyright USP Studios™

Source: Youtube