Bath Song | Original Song From Kids Tv | Nursery Rhymes For Kids And Baby
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We’re sure after playtime, you babies are covered in dirt and mud and we’re also sure that you tiny tots hate washing up after a messy day playing with friends. But we’ve got the best motivation for you to jump into that bath tub. Want to know what it is? It’s the Bath Song! Watch how our little friends like to scrub themselves and dance around in the bubbly foam.well, we don’t want to burst your bubble by letting out too much. But one thing is for certain, having a bath is most definitely a good thing and it can be fun too if you sing the songs with us!

00:01 – Bath Song
01:19 – Daily Routine Song
02:53 – Let’s Build Song
05:00 – Can You See Song
08:24 – Finger Family Song
09:25 – Miss Polly had A Dolly
10:50 – Skidamarink Rhyme
13:01 – Five Little Fruits
15:02 – Ten In The Bed | Crayons
17:10 – Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
17:59 – Old Macdonald Had A Farm
20:52 – Chocolate Finger Family
22:40 – Wheels On The Bus

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Video: Copyright USP Studios™

Source: Youtube