Animals Finger Family | Kids Songs And Children Nursery Rhymes
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Kiddies, let’s take a trip to Antarctica at playtime today to meet a very chilled out family.the penguin finger family is the coolest family you’ll will find in the land of finger rhymes and kids songs. With every flap of their wing, coolness oozes out. With every jump of their step little flurries fall from the sky. It feels magical. And what you babies can do to add to the magical atmosphere, is sing the finger song and do the finger play. Ready? Set? Go!

00:01 – Animals Finger Family
01:01 – Penguins Finger Family
05:10 – Finger Family Rhyme
05:01 – Miss Polly Had A Dolly
06:26 – Five Little Monkeys
07:57 – Five Little Ducks
09:32 – This Old Man
11:18 – Finger Family | Crayons
13:09 – Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
13:57 – Skidamarink Rhyme
16:07 – Finger Family Rhyme
17:11 – This Little Piggy
18:57 – He Is A Jolly Good fellow

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Video: Copyright USP Studios™

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