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In the land of Farmees we have a treasure trove of nursery rhymes, and we’re compiling all of your favorites kids songs to give you several minutes of pure, uninterrupted fun learning with your favorite farm friends, the Farmees!

Kids sing along with us! A for apple, B for ball, C for cat, D for the dog….. Oh wait are you toddlers unable to remember which letter comes next? Do not worry, your dear kindergarten friends from the Farmees land of nursery rhymes have just the trick to help you remember that long list of alphabets. And that trick is none other than reciting to you their famous alphabets song for babies. There couldn’t have been a more fun way for you preschoolers to learn and happily recite to your teachers the alphabets that make up all the words that come of your baby mouths. So get ready to enter the wonderful world of alphabets with the help of this ever famous children’s rhyme!

Source: Youtube